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2017 DCCC Tournament Schedule

March 18th Leprechaun Scramble 12:00 pm SG

April 8th DCCC at the Masters All Day

April 21st DC Chamber of Commerce 11:00 am SG

April 23rd Offical Opening Day

April 24th - 25th Aerification

April 29th - HeadCases Charity Tournament

May 3rd Weekly Scotch Six-some Begins 5:30 pm

May 4th Mens Night Season One Begins 5:45 pm

May 12th Western Kansas Managers 8:30 am SG

May 27th Buckin High School Alumni (Pending Start)

May 29th Monday Memorial Day (Open Regular Hours)

June 2rd - 4th Pardners Shootout- Member/Guest 8:00 am SG

June 5th - 6th Kansas Junior Golf Assosiation w/ Mariah (Pending Start)

June 10th - 11th Dodge City Open w/ Mariah (Tee Times)

June 17th Ladies Invitational 8:00 am SG

June 22nd Men's Night Season One Ends

June 24th Schmidt Family Memorial 10:00 am SG

June 29th Men's Night Season One Playoffs Begin

July 3rd Open Monday Before the Fourth (Regular Hours)

July 4th Flag Event All Day

July 14th - 16th Men's Invitational All Day

July 27th Men's Night Season 2 Begins

August 4th Round Up Rodeo 8:00 am SG

August 5th Rocky Green (Pending Start)

August 8th McDonalds City Junior 8:00 am 

August 11th - 13th His and Hers 8:00 am SG

August 19th Big Brothers Big Sisters & Cargill 7:30 am SG

August 26th - 27th Club Championship

August 28th Aerification

September 4th Labor Day Tournament 1:00 pm SG

September 7th Diversified Crop Tournament (Pending Start)

September 9th J&J Powerline/Terry Rabe CPA 8:30 am SG

September 10th Scotch Sixsome 18 Hole Final 1:00 pm SG

September 21st Men's Night Season 2 Ends

September 23rd First Annual Southwest Kansas Autism 

October 7th POY Final Horserace 4:00 pm SG